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In a survey of Heads of Maths who use 10ticks Maths worksheets:

  • 99% would recommend the worksheets to a colleague in another school.
  • 90% said that the worksheets had positively motivated their students.
  • 82% said that the use of the worksheets had contributed to an increase in the standard of teaching in their school.
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10ticks maths worksheets give thorough coverage of the South African CAPS Curriculum Grades R-9. They are used by millions of students worldwide, by 70% of UK secondary schools and by many discerning primary schools.

In line with the new Curriculum, the worksheets are grouped into years, from Reception to Year 11. There are two collections, one aimed at Primary Schools and one aimed at Secondary Schools.

The majority of our maths worksheets give a minimum of 30-45 minutes work, some 3-4 hours! They can be used in a range of different ways, from lesson starters, to quick 10 minute tests and homework. 10ticks teachers love the variety, structure and freedom which they get.

Find the worksheet you need in minutes - 10ticks Search Tool

Our new and improved Search Tool comes FREE with every order. It enables you to search quickly through the worksheets and find the exact worksheet for your lesson, reducing lesson preparation time. It is also great for lesson planning; some teachers use the Search Tool to structure their lessons, which is invaluable during a new curriculum.

The hidden secret - Same year - Varying abilities

Each worksheet will come with a symbol which represents a school year. Only you, the teacher, will know what it means. That way you can give students within the same class worksheets from different year groups. You are the expert and only you know exactly what each student needs to achieve his or her potential.

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10ticks National Curriculum Promise

  • In the five countries in which 10ticks has overseen changes, all five have amended their curriculum within two years.
  • As changes happen we will provide updates for all customers upon renewal, ensuring that you have a resource which is always up to date.

As these changes happen we will provide updates for all customers upon renewal, ensuring that you have a resource which is always up to date.

How the Worksheet Licence Works

Our worksheets our protected by digital rights management software. This protects our resources from being copied illegally and means that we can keep creating high quality resources for you to use in the future. Each device you want to access the worksheets on will need to have a device licence registered on it. This is a simple process and we offer unlimited customer support via email, phone and Skype to make sure you get access to the worksheets as soon as you purchase.

The Future – Extra Licences

Our Worksheet Licence allows you the luxury of having the worksheets on each computer/Mac or tablet device. It is perfect for those schools with computer rooms and 1:1 devices. For only R10.00 per extra licence you can reduce your photocopying budget significantly and your students can use the worksheets on any device. It is also perfect for teachers who wish access to the worksheets on their school laptops.

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National Curriculum Annual Licence

  • Contains Over 3000 worksheets for Primary and 5000 for Secondary
  • Covers the CAPS Curriculum Grades R-9
  • New updates every year

The flexible resource to suit how you teach. The worksheets will give you:

  • A safety net you can rely on
  • The ability to cater for all learning styles
  • Peace of mind. You have everything covered!
  • Updates included if there are any further changes to the Curriculum

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