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Private Tutor Maths Resources

Our award winning maths resources will help you to deliver a great service for your students. With a maths worksheet for every topic from the age of 4 to 16, you will save hours of time, allowing you to focus more on teaching rather than having to prepare resources. Our maths resources cater for all learning styles with traditional exercises, investigations, games and puzzles, so you will have the right resources for every eventuality.

With our Tutor Learning System you will have access to a wide variety of maths materials. We have thousands of worksheets, video guides and tests, along with hundreds of games and online maths activities. The Tutor Learning System can be used as a maths resource bank for yourself, or you can add on each of your students and build bespoke online courses that can be accessed at any time with students’ unique login details.

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Tutor Learning System

The Tutor Learning System allows you to access our maths resources, including maths worksheets, video guides, online tests and games, helping to save you time and focus on teaching. You can create unique courses for each of your students and track their progress, perfect for demonstrating to parents how much their child has improved. With the system’s reward feature you will also be able boost your students’ confidence with merits and certificates.

Make more money

Lots of the tutors who subscribe to our Tutor Learning System actually make extra money back! That’s because they charge parents slightly extra per lesson for the added service of online support. This covers the cost of the System for you, and parents are happy because they are getting access to the system at a much lower cost than if they purchased directly from us.

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We have tens of thousands of parents signed up on our website who are actively seeking help with their child’s education. Sign up today and you can place a tutor advert for free, with the potential to reach all of our registered parents.

Tutor/Teacher Worksheet Licence

With our Tutor/Teacher Worksheet Licence you will gain access to an extensive range of maths materials. There are over 6000 worksheets in total, covering every topic from Grades R-9, helping to save you hours of time in preparing resources. Our worksheets cater for all learning types and abilities, with traditional exercises, investigations, games and puzzle worksheets. This will give you a huge amount of flexibility to use the resources in the best way you see fit, whether it’s using traditional exercises as extra work outside lessons to reinforce learning, or using games and puzzles as a treat at the end of a lesson, helping to consolidate learning and help make maths fun. Sign up on the left of the page today for a free sample worksheet pack.


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